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Back to School

Back to school

Here we are in September and “Back to School” is happening all around us. If you’re anything like us at Fair Business Loans UK, you can still remember the feeling of combined anticipation and anxiety that this time can bring, but also the sense that it is a chance for a new start.

Does your business need to go back to school? We ran a blog back in March called Work Smarter Not Harder, in which we examined the importance of training for small businesses in terms of keeping ahead of the competition and delighting your customers.

Looking back at 2015, have you provided any training for your employees? Have you had any training yourself? If the answer to these questions is no then perhaps September is an ideal time to go back to school!

Here are some ideas for how to fit good quality training into your busy schedule without breaking the bank!

Business Events and Networking

There are many events that offer businesses the chance to network or to receive input or advice on specific issues. Many of these are free. Have a look at the Gov UK website and search for events in your area.

Fair Business Loans is also involved in quarterly “Let’s Do Business Together” events with the Bootstrap Company which you would be very welcome to attend. Watch this space for more details!

Online Courses

There are a wide range of such courses available that you can either study in your own time or perhaps incorporate them into a team meeting or group training session for your staff. Search online for a course that meets your needs. Some courses are free! Here are a few examples of courses that might be of interest:

You can also find lots of valuable training resources on internet video channels such as YouTube.

Collaborative/Reciprocal Training

If there is a training course that you or your staff would benefit from attending but it is too expensive then think outside the box! Would it be possible for the trainer to come to your premises and run a mini version of the course for your company - and perhaps invite one or two other companies to join in to share the cost?

Or is there something that another small business owner or employee is an expert in and could come and train your staff, and you or one of your staff could return the favour by providing some training for them?

To summarise, there are lots of ways you can make training happen at a time, place and cost to suit your particular circumstances, so there is no reason to fall behind in terms of training and development for you or your staff. If you have recently benefitted from training - particularly in a slightly unusual or creative way - then do let us know at Fair Business Loans and we can feature it in a future blog!

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