We believe we have nothing to hide about who or where we lend. Anyone can come to Fair Finance and will not be excluded by their gender, race or postcode. Our loans are based on the ability to repay and ensure that everyone has an equal chance of access.

You can see the distribution of the loans we’ve made on a UK map, or view summary demographic data.

We believe that by sharing this information with the public we are being transparent in our activities and accountable to the public. It is as much a tool for us to see where we are active, as it is for policy makers and people who care about tackling financial exclusion. We would ask you to demand the same level of transparency and accountability from other lenders. If they have nothing to hide then they should comply.

If you are interested in being a transparent and accountable lending institution we would be happy to share our experiences and technology in helping you create something similar.

What others have said about our disclosure

“We congratulate Fair Finance for developing regular reports on its lending. This is an innovative step for the community finance sector and will facilitate a greater understanding of its impact in the community.”
Peter Kelly, Head of Financial Inclusion Barclays Banks

“I am delighted to see Fair Finance setting such high standards of disclosure transparency – an example to all financial services”
David Carrington, member of Social Investment Taskforce

“Friends Provident Foundation believes that transparency and simplicity of products are key building blocks of a financial system which includes social benefits. Fair Finance continues to lead the way in this, and we see this Disclosure Report as an important step forward in the quest for greater transparency and accountability – may many others follow in its wake”
Danielle Walker Palmour, Director Friends Provident Foundation & member of Financial Inclusion Taskforce