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Fair Business Loans goes nationwide

From September, Fair Business Loans will be able to support SMEs across the whole of the UK with their funding needs. The success of our medium and small business loan service, coupled with increasing demand from business owners from outside the South East, has fast tracked the decision to roll out nationally. The decision represents a significant step for Community Development Finance which has traditionally focused on supporting businesses in specific regions.

Speaking ahead of the national launch, Robert Benfield, Head of Fair Business Loans, commented:

“Fair Finance, over the last 10 years, provided 12,000 London residents with funding or advice and has won many awards for its services. In response to high demand outside of London we are delighted to now be able to offer our unique business loans service nationally. I believe that we are the first UK community finance organisation to bring a truly national and independent small business loan service to market.”

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All funding applications will continue to be underwritten manually by an internal credit team as opposed to being processed through a credit scoring algorithm. This allows Fair Business Loans to work with a wider range of businesses from across all sectors. Funding solutions are tailored around individual business needs with each case judged on its own merits.

Benfield added:

“We have developed a service offering that applies a human approach combined with the latest innovations in technology which no-one else is delivering at scale. In short, we are not just another lender.”

Current alternative providers of new business loans may not always present their potential clients with the best available terms and conditions for funding. As a social business we invest 100% of our profits back into providing a better service, and our wider geographic offering will ensure small business owners across the whole of the UK now have access to a transparent, fair and responsible alternative funding source.

Whether you are located in the far tip of Falmouth or the northern expanse of the Lake District, Fair Business Loans has an experienced credit team that will assess your needs, ensuring that a small business loan is affordable and a viable next step for your business.

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