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Institutionalising fairness

In a recent speech to The Fabian Society, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn outlined some of his strategy to tackle pay inequality and "institutionalise fairness" in Britain.

One headline-hitting measure would be to ban companies from paying dividends to shareholders unless they are paying workers the living wage, the aim being to redress the balance of too much profit from economic growth going to those at the top of society. According to Corbyn “A more equal society is not only fairer but it also does better in terms of economic stability and wealth creation”.

Whether or not you agree with Corbyn’s views, it is good to see the concept of fairness being highlighted on the political agenda. At Fair Business Loans, fairness is very close to our hearts. We are passionate about everyone having access to the financial products that they need, especially those people who have been left behind by the mainstream providers.

It is particularly unfair that, once a person is ignored by the mainstream financial services industry they then risk being exploited by the sub-prime financial services industry such as loan sharks and predatory lenders.

At Fair Business Loans we believe that:
  • Customers deserve a fair deal;
  • Products and services should be simple and accessible;
  • Financial advice should be honest and trustworthy;
  • Credit should be affordable for all;
  • Profits should be reinvested for the benefit of customers.

Many of our satisfied clients can testify that a small business loan from us has revolutionised their business and has opened the door to new opportunities. For them it has indeed provided the benefits of economic stability and wealth creation that Corbyn predicts a more equal society will bring. Read some of the examples for yourself in our Case Studies section.

If you need help with small business funding and want to be treated fairly as well as with respect then do get in touch with Fair Business Loans today!

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