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Lost in translation?!

Knowing the right business funding jargon

Don’t you ever wish that the financial landscape could be a little, well, easier to understand? There are so many products to look at, and it can be difficult to compare like with like. Many products have reams of jargon attached and we reckon that some of the best providers of alternative finance are those that keep their communication as simple as possible.

When you are under financial pressure, and looking for additional business funding, you don’t need to get lost in translation! So for a bit of fun we have put together a list of business jargon. See how many of the following ten terms you think you know then scroll down to check your answers!

Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 11.33.54

.So, how did you do? Below is a list of definitions for each of the terms.

Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 11.35.46

How did you do?! Whilst no reasonable lender would expect you to know everything about the world of finance and jargon such as the above, it can really help to make a good impression if you have done your homework and are at least familiar with the concepts and terms above. Then you will be well placed to discuss various financial options with a lender and to understand some of the advantages and disadvantages of these different options

We will do our best in this blog to keep you up to date with financial developments relevant to small businesses, do let us know about any topics that you would particularly like us to cover and we will do our best to oblige!

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