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Case Studies

Pet Perfection

Fair Business Loans recently offered a loan to pets accessories business which initially began as local pet food delivery service in 2000 and has expanded. Their first eBay store was created in October 2006 and the popularity led to the development of their own website shortly after. With a focus on providing great products and dazzling accessories for pets of all kinds the company is getting ready for its next chapter of growth.

The success within the UK meant that the intention to test foreign waters was inevitable and the expansion into Australia is the next challenge. Fair Business Loans was approached in order to help provide the finance for this expansion.

Group of different pets

Increased amounts of stock needed to be purchased, alongside additional marketing. Fair Business Loans provided the funds so that the setting up would be possible without overstretching the cashflow of the UK business.

Fair Business Loans can offer finance for companies expanding into foreign markets and for companies that can benefit from exporting. We understand this may be a resource intensive and daunting challenge however we can provide the funding whilst you focus on the trade!

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