The Power of Information: Opportunities for Disclosure by Barclays Bank and New Economics Foundation, which looked at practical ways to use bank information. and was the first disclosure of lending by a Bank in the UK in a limited area. See more at

Enterprising Communities: Wealth Beyond Welfare by Social Investment Taskforce: Wealth beyond Welfare, and additional updates. The first report to actively point to the importance of disclosure.

National Community Reinvestment Coalition: a network body for over 500 community organisations that produces easy to digest reports on bank lending activity in all communities in America.

The Woodstock Institute: A US nonprofit organisation formed in 1973 with a mission to research, develop and promote ways to bring economic resources to lower-income and minority families and communities.

Debt On Our Doorstep: a campaign group of grassroots activists and community organisations aiming to end extortionate lending and ensure universal access to affordable credit and other financial services.