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Fair Finance wins the Citi Micro-entrepreneurship Award

Fair Finance wins the Citi Micro-entrepreneurship Award for Outstanding Customer Service at the annual Responsible Finance Conference 2017 Social business Fair Finance announced today that it had been named winner of Citi Micro-entrepreneurship Award for Outstanding Customer Service for 2017. Fair Finance works to tackle financial exclusion in the UK, for businesses and individuals and last year supported nearly 13,000 people with access to finance and advice in managing their debts. Most of its customer have used high cost lenders or have been denied access to finance by the mainstream banking sector. The Citi Microentrepreneurship Awards (CMA), delivered in partnership by Responsible Finance and the Citi Foundation, champion the thriving small businesses of Britain and home-grown entrepreneurs. To be eligible for the awards a business must have benefited from an affordable loan from responsible finance providers and have contributed to the local economic growth in the UK. Faisel Rahman, CEO of Fair Finance said: “Fair Finance’s success comes from treating our customers fairly, honestly and with respect. Treating every customer as an individual is us what customer service means. Doing this well means real investment from people in all parts of Fair Finance, from the front line to the Board, and this award reflects how seriously we take it. We are really proud to been recognised as the leader in the field in this area.” “This year we received our full FCA Authorisation. I’m sure that one of the reasons we received it so quickly is that Treating Customers Fairly is as much a part of the culture of Finance as it is a regulatory requirements. Jennifer Tankard, Chief Executive of Responsible Finance, said: “It is impressive to see how Fair Finance is dedicated to delivering a quality, personalised service for its customers. The team at Fair Finance have shown real commitment to customer service.” “The Citi Microentrepreneurship Awards celebrate the impact of responsible finance providers, championing the contribution of lenders such as Fair Finance to financial inclusion and economic growth. We are very proud of the industry that is creating hope and changing lives. Last year, responsible finance providers supported 9,600 small businesses, which created 10,700 jobs.” “This is the 4th year of the Citi Microentrepreneurship Awards in the UK and the depth and range of entries is a testament to the continued evolution of the responsible finance sector – an industry that now serves more than 50,000 clients across the country.” said Bob Annibale, CMA Judge and Global Director of Citi Inclusive Finance and Community Development. “Whether in Central London or in rural Cornwall, it is inspiring to see how individuals and organisations are putting their communities at the heart of their business models so that their enterprising clients can create jobs and support more inclusive economic opportunities and growth. Congratulations to Fair Finance and all of the winners.” Note to editors can be found here
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