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Top Ten Reasons to apply for a Fair Business Loan

In our blog we aim to bring you a broad range of information about funding for small businesses. Sometimes this is in-depth, sometimes featuring a case study, and sometimes short and to the point. This week’s article falls into the latter category! We want to present to you Top Ten Reasons for choosing Fair Business Loans for your small business loan.

We are open and transparent

At Fair Business Loans we are happy to publish our interest rates and every other aspect of our business that clients need to know. There is no “smoke and mirrors”, only a true reflection of who we are and what we can do for you in terms of small business finance.

We will give you a decision within 2 weeks

We understand the pressures on your business and how important it is for you to have a quick decision about your small business loan. We therefore aim to make decisions and release funds within 2 working weeks.

Our loans are not based on credit scores

We base our decisions for small business loan on the current health and projected future progress of your business, not what has happened in the past.

We do not require a huge business plan

Whilst we need some information from you as part of your application for a small business loan, we do not need a detailed business plan that will take you days to pull together. We know you’ve got better things to do!

We tailor our loans to you

We believe in being flexible with our clients and agreeing the length and repayment schedule of your small business loan in terms of what is going to work for you, not what is convenient for us.

We will get to know your business!

At Fair Business Loans we will get to know you and your business so that we understand the needs of you business and the best type of business financing loan to meet those needs. When you apply for a small business loan from us we will arrange a personal visit from a small business loan manager to see you and your business in action!

We understand the businesses of London

Fair Business Loans are based in London and understand the way business works in our capital. As part of our small business loan decision we will evaluate how well your business fits into the culture and trends of London, to help you succeed in this unique environment.

We are an established business with credible client feedback

In the maelstrom that is small business finance, you need reassurance that your loan provider is reliable, credible and used to dealing with businesses similar to your own. At Fair Business Loans we have years of experience and many testimonials from satisfied clients to help give you the reassurance you need when seeking small business funding.

We offer good value

Our recent blog about Misleading Lending outlined how small loan lenders can either misrepresent or disguise their products so that interest rates and other repayment charges are not clear and cannot be compared like with like. At Fair Business Loans we are not only upfront about all our rates and charges, but also offer tremendous value for money.

We are fair!

We do what is says on the tin! As illustrated above, Fair Business Loans offer loans that are fair on every level. To find out more, and see if the Top Ten Reasons work for you, contact Fair Business Loans today!

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