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How to be a Savvy Shopper

Ever find yourself surprised by the cost of your shopping when you get to the till? Want to find out smart but simple ways to save on your supermarket shopping? Don’t panic! Fair Finance’s savvy shopper tips are here to help you save £s at the tills.

  • Save money by shopping for unbranded products- did you know that branded and non-branded paracetamol contain the same active ingredient, these products can sometimes have a price difference of £2. So which would you choose?
  • Take the challenge- If you are used to buying branded products for your family why not try buying unbranded versions and see if they can tell the difference. Often ‘value’ products in basic packaging are produced in the same factories as so called luxury items so by switching you may not be compensating on quality but could potentially save a lot of money.
  • Be smart with supermarket deals- a lot of supermarkets will try their best to upsell their products, this is to get you to buy more so you end up spending more. Why not try shopping with a friend when it comes to buy one get one free deals. This will mean each of you will get the product for half price without buying unnecessary extra products.
  • Look around- Did you know that supermarkets often place higher costing items at eye level on shelves so customers are more likely to buy them. Why not try looking on lower shelves… you may be able to find a bargain.
  • Don’t be tempted!- Another trick of supermarkets to make us spend more is by placing sweets and chocolates by tills as they are impulse buys and the last chance for the supermarket to make extra money out of you.
  • Make a list- simple things like making a list can also help you to be a savvier shopper. Going shopping with a purpose to get certain things can stop you wandering the isles and buying things you don’t need. Supermarkets are actually set out with common items in harder to reach places so that you walk through the whole store to find them and there are more chances for you to be tempted by ‘special offers’ to make you spend more.

Remember- Supermarkets are there to make money and make you spend as much as possible so be smart. Take these simple tips and question ‘special offers’ and ‘loyalty schemes’ it may be better for you to shop elsewhere or buy an item which isn’t on ‘special offer’ but is actually cheaper.

What are your top supermarket tips? We would love you to share them with us in our tip exchange on our twitter and facebook pages.

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