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Fair Finance shortlisted for the Citi Micro-entrepreneurship Awards 2020

The Citi Microentrepreneurship Awards are the annual celebration of Britain’s microentrepreneurs who have accessed “responsible” business finance. The awards, which launched in 2005, (and in 2013 in the UK) were established by the Citi Foundation to recognise best-in-class microentrepreneurs and the responsible finance sector.

The awards are aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, celebrating those whose businesses are contributing to economic growth, social and environmental wellbeing.

Responsible finance providers – the leading financial institutions offering affordable finance to many small and microenterprises – have also been shortlisted for awards, covering their impact and their resilience.

On being shortlisted in the resilience category Faisel Rahman, Fair Finance CEO, said: “Resilience for Fair Finance is about ensuring that we run a sustainable organisation, an impactful business, and continue to focus on the people others have left behind. Over the last 15 years Fair Finance has been able to do that while navigating the challenges of growth, investment and market changes. I’m proud that our hard work staying focused on our mission and clients has been recognised by being shortlisted as a finalist for the Citi Awards.”

Bob Annibale, Global Director, Citi Inclusive Finance and Community Development, added: “I’ve seen first-hand the difference community-based lending can make to people’s lives and local communities. When small and micro businesses that cannot access mainstream lending receive finance it’s transformational – the economic activity generated can tackle inequality and promote inclusive growth in left-behind communities.”

The winners will be announced on May 12 at the Annual Responsible Finance Conference

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