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Impact of Covid19 on Financial Vulnerability

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit we knew the impact on our clients would be serious, but we were unsure of the different ways in which they would be affected. We also lost our primary route to engaging with our clients, by closing our branches and moving to more remote services.

We commissioned Shift to gain a deeper and more nuanced understanding of our clients and the pandemic's impact – beyond finances alone. We wanted to understand how their lives and outlook were changing during the crisis.

The resulting insights show us there can be no 'one size fits all' solution to supporting people through the pandemic and beyond. It is also clear that building finance resilience is much more than about money. The work also highlights the importance of trust and direct engagement in helping people manage in unprecedented times.

We’ve already started to use the insights to help develop how we can support our client, both in terms of our products and services but also our network of partners.

If you’d like to work with us to address the problems of financial vulnerability please do get in touch at

You can read more about the research, the findings and insights here.

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