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7 Steps to Success for Entrepreneurs

We were very interested to recently read some interviews on BBC’s website with entrepreneurs of high tech companies. Each of the “Tech Titans” interviewed had invaluable advice to impart to any entrepreneur or small business owner, whatever sector they are in. Here is our summary of seven of the key points made: New businesses can […]

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What’s in the Autumn Statement for small businesses?

George Osborne’s recent Autumn Statement hit the headlines primarily for his unexpected decision to scrap his planned £4.4 billion cut to tax credits, which are the second highest welfare cost, topped only by the cost of the state pension. His rationale was that the stability of the economy and the holding of interest rates at […]

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These days we keep hearing about “crowdfunding”. In this article we look at what it is and whether it has a role to play in small business funding. Crowdfunding is a way of raising funds by asking as many people as possible to contribute a small amount of money to a project or cause. It […]

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Hired or Fired?

As it reaches its final stages, fans of The Apprentice are now deeply divided as to who should become Lord Sugar’s next business partner. At Fair Business Loans – as our name implies – we do strive to be impartial, but thought it would be useful to highlight some of the lessons learned from the […]

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How is your Online Presence?

A recent blog featured the growing tradition of Black Friday in the UK and the opportunity to offer special deals to customers. Hot on the heels of Black Friday comes Cyber Monday! It rounds off the weekend after Black Friday with the opportunity to scoop up some great deals online. This year Cyber Monday – […]

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