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Trick or Treat


Halloween is upon us again, and homes all around the country are getting ready for the annual Trick or Treat festivities! To get you into the spirit – so to speak – we thought we’d look at a few tricks and treats in the world of small business finance. What tricks should you be on […]

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Today marks the First European Microfinance Day

The first annual European Microfinance Day gets launched today 20th October 2015! This day aims to raise awareness of microfinance as a tool to fight social exclusion and unemployment in Europe. Microfinance, and microcredit, has not only developed in Africa, Latin America or Asia but also in Europe. Many small businesses and families across Europe […]

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How Can Your Business Avoid Going Bust?


“50% of UK business fail within first five years”. This is just one of the many statistics that have SME’s worried for their future, in particular for those start-ups that are up against established competitors. This has led us to investigate the common causes behind so many new businesses failing in this article, and we […]

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Top 5 Reasons clients come to us for a small business loan

“Why should I choose Fair Business Loans over other loan providers?”. That’s a question we often get asked by companies looking to expand their business. Today we wanted to give you the Top 5 Reasons why our clients choose us over others for the provision of unsecured business loans… 1) We are open and transparent […]

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