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Can’t pay won’t pay?

If you are a small business owner you will be only too aware of the impact of unpaid invoices. If a payment is late it adversely affects your cashflow and therefore small business funding. The worst case scenario is that a vulnerable business could go under if its creditors do not pay when payment is […]

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Brexit – Part 2

In our last article we explored opinions on both sides of the Brexit camp over the five key areas of: The UK Economy; Trading Opportunities; The UK job market; Job Opportunities in Europe; The Impact on Large Businesses. In this article we return to the main area of concern to us at Fair Business Loans; […]

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Small business confidence hit three-year low

Small business confidence hit three –year low across the UK. The decline is most prominent in London and East London, but all regions across the UK have seen declines. Scotland has fallen into negative territory, also a first in three years. The Federation of Small Business (FSB) published a report in time for their National […]

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Brexit – Part 1

The term “Brexit” has recently become part of our everyday language. It is a combination of the words “Britain” and “Exit” and has become an easy way to refer to the forthcoming decision on whether Britain should exit the European Union (EU). In this two part article we here at Fair Business Loans examine some […]

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Women-led SMEs on the rise

With International Women’s Day being celebrated this week, we take a look at our women entrepreneurs in the UK. In a recent report published by HSBC, 3000 entrepreneurs were surveyed around the world, 501 of those from the UK. Women play a huge role in the SME landscape, generating £4.1m in business revenue last year […]

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