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Research and Development – what a relief!

You’re in the middle of what appears to be a lovely dream in which someone is telling you that they can help you to grow your business! They will give you money to enable you to develop new products and services!! This is a dream you don’t want to wake up from! Wake up and […]

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Get a Loan from your Phone!

The increased use of mobile phones in the UK is impacting every area of our lives including banking. The millennial generation have grown up with the expectation of being able to do almost anything on their phones, including managing business and financial transactions. In 2015 the BBA (British Bankers Association) reported on the rapid growth […]

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Keeping it in the family!

small business loan

Finance your family business with a small business loan In the ever-changing business landscape of the 21st century, the family business is still going strong. According to the IFB (Institute for Family Business), two thirds of UK businesses are family owned – 4.7 million in total. 17,000 of these are medium and large businesses. These […]

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